Our vision

SDHF is an organization of volunteers working to increase dental awareness and promote dental health in Singapore.

What are SDHF's Objectives?
Who manages SDHF?
How is SDHF funded?
What are our areas of involvement?

Our team

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Dr. Victor Lee

Dr Victor Lee is a general dentist who graduated from NUS in 1986. He has been volunteering at the Ling Kwang Home For Senior Citizens for more than 30 years. He works full-time in a private dental clinic in Orchard Road.

Ms. Huang Kaiwei

Ms Huang Kaiwei is an Oral Health Therapist who graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic in 2006. She currently works in a public institution, and has been volunteering at Ju Eng Home for the Elderly since 2015.


Glenn is an Oral Health Therapist who graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic in 2013.
He currently works in a public healthcare institution and actively volunteers for dental health outreach programmes.

Dr. Krushna Reddy

Dr. Krushna Reddy is a National University of Singapore graduate (1996), with extensive experience in both school service and private practice, She had a pivotal turning point in 2014 towards Preventive Dentistry. Joining the Singapore Dental Health Foundation, she now strives to promote oral health and make a profound impact on a broader population.